5 Proven Ways to Engage Your Employees in Your Companies’ CSR Initiatives

An engaged workforce is often the biggest asset of a company. Engaged employees go the extra mile in their jobs and add fuel to the company’s goals and objectives. When CSR becomes a tool in increasing employee engagement, it’s a win-win for all.

Employees engaging in CSR efforts help in building the company’s positive brand image while generating great social impact too. Employees also feel good about their work life, improve their own perception about the credibility of the company as well as their own contribution.

But how do you get employees to contribute to your CSR programmes?

Here are five actionable strategies to engage your employees further in your CSR programs: 

  • Hold Collaborative CSR Workshops: Employee participation in developing CSR strategy is a good method to encourage employee engagement. A CSR workshop could be organised for employees to articulate company values and CSR policies so that they understand it well. Ideas with respect to CSR initiatives, types of engagement programmes and time frame can also give a lot of clarity to the CSR team as well the employees.


  • Incentivize Employee Engagement: Companies already have incentives like bonuses for top business performers. CSR too can adopt this strategy to motivate employees to engage more with social initiatives. Incentives can be monetary or non-monetary, as per the company’s suitability and policies. Non-monetary incentives can be in the form of extra holidays or token of appreciations, etc.


  • Establish Volunteering Days: You can set the calendar for all important days, where employee volunteering can be leveraged, in advance. Important days like World Environment Day, Women’s Day and others can be spent in providing volunteering services for the cause. It is important to also publicly celebrate such days and therefore media coverage should be ensured and all the people (employees, community members, NGO staff, etc) should be treated with refreshments and souvenirs to acknowledge their efforts.


  • Have Clear Communication: To plan and execute effective employee engagement programmes, it is important that the means, medium and frequency of communication is effective. Employees must have clarity on the CSR policies, their own role, and their responsibilities towards realising these goals, as well as regular updates, notifications, and feedback. Attractive information, education and communication materials should be used in the form of emails, messages, invites, standees, certificates, and posters, etc to create and sustain awareness amongst employees.


  • Feature Employee Stories in Newsletters: One of the best ways to encourage and amplify awareness amongst employees is to publish a quarterly newsletter highlighting employees’ stories on the initiatives undertaken, their achievement and its impact on them. The employees could also share their inspiration stories on their own education or how they led their own campaigns on saving trees, etc if it ties into your CSR focus areas


Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to discuss other ideas on increasing your CSR engagement, both within and outside your company, please feel free to send me an email at lynette.phillips87@gmail.com. I’m always happy to help!


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