#GoodJobCSR: 3 Things I Like About the Adidas-Parley Initiative

Have you ever put on your sports shoes and wondered where it came from? Well, chances are, that if you’re wearing Adidas Ultra Boost, you’re doing world a favour and wearing recycled plastic.  Yes, recycled plastic!

Adidas is one of the biggest sports brands in the world and this innovation is a spotlight to it’s sustainable strategy goals. The initiative endorses the company’s intent to ‘innovate materials and processes’ and they have teamed up with  Parley for the Oceans, a community of creators, thinkers and leaders who work to protect and sustain the oceans.

Though the link to marine conservation is what peaked my interest, there are 3 specific things that I absolutely love about this initiative:

Enormous Ripple Effect: It is not only the recycled plastic bit but so many other supplementary benefits that this initiative is a testimony too. First, sports in self is directly related to good health.  Second,  the commitment towards clean environment is much required amidst the ongoing debate on environment sustainability. Third, water stewardship is also in line with one of the gravest contemporary issues – the water crisis. In its strategy paper, the company also emphasizes on reinventing it’s supply chain, where ocean plastic is diverted from the coastal communities and infused back into the production cycle to create recycled products such these shoes.

Strategic Partnerships: Apart from Parley, Adidas has collaborated with European Commission to ‘identify and develop innovative recyclable materials’.  This move would enable production of other recycled sporting goods in line with their vision and customer needs. Initiatives that are well thought out and have a research backing to them,  reflect clarity of intent, willingness to learn and explore innovative yet sustainable methods to achieve goals.

Sustainability & Marketing: By investing in environmental friendly processes and production, Adidas has also invested in the sustainability and expansion of their vision as well. They are not stopping on just one product but expanding the same principles of responsible business to other products as well. Even their marketing campaigns reflect their commitment and  sensitivity towards social responsibility.

#GoodJobCSR is a series in which I focus on CSR initiatives that I like. It is an effort to promote and provide insights on the best practices across this sector. If you find it useful, please feel free to like it and share it with other people, if you’d like to read more on such initiatives, please follow my blog.



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