#GoodJobCSR: 3 Things I like about the #OneMillionMeals Initiative

#OneMillionMeals is a joint initiative by Akshaya Patra and Snapdeal  and is supported by Huawei. The initiative aims to raise dal donations to support mid-day meals for the underprivileged children studying in government or government aided schools. When I came across this initiative I was immediately drawn to its simple and effective style of marketing and the kind of feedback and support they were getting through the ‘comments’ section on their donation page. I really thought it was a smart strategy which covered all the necessary points for a strong CSR campaign.

The top 3 things I like the best about this initiative:

  • Issue Choice: Hunger among children is one of the worst issues facing our country today. According to the India Food Banking Network, the Global Hunger Index 2016 ranks India high on the existing status of malnourished children where 1 in 4 children is malnourished. Given this scenario, the initiative does well on identification of the issue and smartly addresses it through provision of nutritious food, ensuring good quality mid-day meals and thereby indirectly improving children’s retention in schools.
  • Brandscaping: In his book Brand scaping, Andrew M. Davis discusses the power of marketing partnerships which reflects on the principle of ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’. Partnering with like-minded companies is good because you can amplify customer reach, it is relatively cheap and if executed well, it can lead to a better impact. Snapdeal, Akshaya Patra and Huawei’s collaboration reflects this strategy very well. The initiative is also a good reflection on how a collaborative effort, consisting of companies, NGO, and the government, can come together for a good cause.
  • Strong Social Media Campaign: #OneMillionMeals is a nice name to spearhead a campaign as it is simple to use and remember. From the name itself, it is easy to understand what the campaign is about and what is its goal. The use of a hashtag is purposeful and it makes the name campaign specific and easier to trend.


#GoodJobCSR is a series in which I focus on CSR initiatives that I like. It is an effort to promote and provide insights on the best practices across this sector. If you find it useful, please feel free to like it and share it with other people, if you’d like to read more on such initiatives, please follow my blog.





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