Why Smart Advertising is Essential to Responsible Business

Innovative advertisements not only impact a company’s credibility but can also  impact a company’s CSR efforts too. The recent trends in advertising reflect how companies are effectively integrating socially relevant themes, in their marketing campaigns, to promote a well-rounded, socially responsible image. One of the critical factors, in doing so, is the perception shift among the customers, especially the youth, who have added a unique ethical and moral value to the brands.

People are increasingly becoming more aware and conscious of the products they use and the brands they purchase. With the boom in social media, good advertising can easily amplify the brand and credibility of a company. We live in an age where social branding defines success or failure of product, company or an individual. It is for similar reasons that Green tea is synonymous with Organic India and healthful biscuits are synonymous with Britannia.  Sensitivity and awareness towards social issues helps, both, in strategizing and in executing impactful advertising.  It, therefore, helps in promoting good business ethics, credibility, and social branding.

Peta India recently came up with a list of cruelty free companies which was widely circulated and talked about, Scoopwhoop had listed some great advertisements in 2015, highlighting the sheer genius of smart print advertising. Similarly, other companies have come out with some very good television commercials, a few of which that I particularly like are:

  1. Cadbury Bournvita:
  2. Procter &Gamble- Ariel:
  3. Tata Tea:


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